Friday, 17 April 2009

MDA provide grant funding oppurtunity

Despite government intervention, the banks are still not supporting British businesses with business loans and investment funding. As a result of this the Mobile Data Association has been exploring alternative funding methods for our members to help provide innovation funding during these difficult times.

The MDA, with the help of MSC Ltd, discovered that local development agencies can offer grants of up to £250,000 to help you with product and innovation development.

So if you have a project that:
· is a robust commercial proposition
· contains a high level of innovation
· would be a major technological advance for the industry
· is technically difficult to achieve

This is a great opportunity to obtain a development grant, with quarterly cash payments that:
· don’t dilute your equity
· you don’t have to pay back
· on which you don’t have to pay any interest
· could be easier to get than other forms of finance
· is not subject to “Credit Crunch” market conditions
· conveys prestige onto your business
· can be used to develop a truly leading-edge product

To help you with the grant application we have selected MSC, the UK's leading expert in grant funding for product development. With 18 years experience in obtaining grants for UK technology SMEs with innovative ideas, MSC is our ideal partner to assist in accessing grants to help develop a truly leading-edge product. Website:

The benefits to MDA members of using MSC to undertake an Innovation Grant application:
Free “Innovation Audit” to assess the eligibility of MDA member’s technology against the grant criteria
“Fast-track” application process – MDA members take priority in the MSC schedule
2.5% discount on any grant application fee payable to MSC (fee around £7000).
2.5% discount on the grant commission fee (fee is usually 12% of the grant)

If you are interested and are a fully paid-up member of MDA for the current Membership Year (1 April 2009 – 31 March 2010)

Please contact
Rufus Meakin, Strategic Business Development Manager
MSC Business Innovation Ltd
Tel: 0114 263 2441

Steve Reynolds
Chairman, Mobile Data Association

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