Thursday, 16 April 2009

Financing your mobile business in a credit crunch

We are in very tough economic times; 2009 will possibly be the toughest year for British businesses since the 1930's.

To survive in these conditions, it is increasingly important for businesses to be strong, fit and innovative. Recently, the government has announced a series of packages to encourage both the consumer and businesses to return to their normal spending profiles. Businesses must respond by investing in their future.

Times are hard and I am sure a considerable number of businesses are considering restructuring and cut backs in spending, including an innovation investment freeze policy. This is potentially a high risk strategy as the reality could be that without investment your business becomes uncompetitive and potentially not fit enough or strong enough to survive in 2009.

With this in mind our friends at Mobile Monday have organised a superb event on April 20th at the CBI Centrepoint to help businesses in the mobile space entitled Financing your mobile business in a credit crunch


6.00pm - doors open at the CBI Centrepoint
6.30pm - presentations

7.00pm - panel session and discussion
8.00pm - surgery sessions open and networking.
10.00pm - doors close

*Food and drinks will be served after the event courtesy of DCKTN*

Speakers and panellists include Rose Lewis from Pembridge Partners, Carl Uminski from IMW, Pamir Gelenbe from NewtonMore, Denver McCann from Numeritas, Philip Hargrave from DCKTN and ably chaired by Benjamin Ellis from Redcatco.

Surgery sessions available with Pembridge Partners / Gateway 2 Investment and DCKTN

For more information and to register click here

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