Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Why Mobile is Driving BI

In February joined the NeutrinoBI contingent and jetted off to sunny Spain to speak at Gartner’s Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics Summit in Barcelona. The NeutrinoBI team had invited me to speak at the event, and it was an opportunity not to be missed.

It was a chance to support our new partners and, importantly, share insights on what’s driving BI now – mobile data. And with 5.5 billion connected handsets in a global population of 7 billion, it should come as no surprise that the rapid uptake of smartphone and tablet devices is having a profound effect in the corporate space today.
The increasing sophistication of low cost mobile devices represents great opportunities for businesses to capture reliable, immediate data. The latest enterprise-ready smartphones are making it even easier for businesses in all industries take advantage of their rich data sources.
Global smartphone sales continue on their upward trajectory, and tablet shipments tell a similar story. This consumerisation of mobile technology is accelerating uptake in the world of business. Where previously smartphones and tablets were the preserve of the executive, today we see devices across the entire workforce spectrum, most notably for task-orientated personnel.
So how does this key in to BI? Data harvested by the mobile workforce is the critical link in the BI chain. It gives a new dimension to BI, driven by the accuracy and immediacy unique to real-time and, vitally, utilises the cloud to connect information from spreadsheets and existing management systems with information from fieldworkers.
Mobile also gives us access to new types of information, such as geographical and telematic data, adding further value and insight to BI.
Using BI tools which integrate mobile data, you can troubleshoot inefficiencies, identify fresh opportunities and make proactive decisions to ensure lean, robust business processes; all in matter of moments, not months. Being able to innovate and adapt with such unprecedented speed is a prized commodity at a time when economic stagnation is the new normal.
As mobile technology continues to flourish in the consumer and corporate spaces, so too will mobile data drive BI.

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