Wednesday, 30 September 2009

TBS Enterprise Mobility announce Mobilise your workforce 9

Tuesday 10th November 2009
Microsoft® UK, Thames Valley Park, Reading RG6 1WG
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Are we nearly there yet?

It’s an all too common question, whether heard from the back seat of cars, or from the voice of an industry seeking to benefit from the wealth of bleeding-edge mobile innovations.

This free day long seminar will illustrate how sophisticated new mobile innovation is a reality now, how it’s already been effectively deployed across a number of high profile enterprise mobility solutions, and how simple it is to do.

Mobile Innovation Now, the 9th Mobilise Your Workforce event, will focus on delivering practical guidance and best practice examples of emerging technologies' use in enterprise mobility
Industry experts from organisations including Motorola, Avis, G4S, The Mobile Data Association and Morgan Est, will assemble to offer compelling insight and analysis into innovative new mobile technologies. Real world practical case studies will also be delivered, explaining the new efficiencies gained.
We will explore how close Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is to the enterprise mainstream today, where it is currently being used, and how we can all benefit from its riches.
Smart businesses implementing such innovative mobile solutions now are keeping one step ahead and helping to safeguard their futures. Efficiencies and cost-reductions gained today ensure a robust layer of protection from evermore competitive open market forces tomorrow.
By the end of the day’s event, we will have shown that mobile innovation is not “nearly there.” It has arrived, kicking and screaming, and the potential is extraordinary. Our collective responsibility as an industry is to deliver demonstrably effective enterprise mobility solutions which reflect that.
Mobilise Your Workforce 9 is the best possible starting platform

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