Monday, 6 August 2007

Information on the move – Mobile Geographic browsers

The web browser on our desktop PC is becoming a key part of our working and social life, recently both Google and Microsoft have added a new dimension to the web browser by introducing geographic information to aid with location and directions to a specific place.
Our friends at Google and Microsoft have now made this available on our mobile phones. I must admit I find this new way of searching on the move incredibly useful.

This new style of mobile geographic web browsers allows the swift location of hotels, restaurants, places of interest. They give you directions and quick dial phone numbers and even allow you to text the information to a friend.

I recently used this new technology on my phone to find the nearest Apple Store whilst in the states so I could have a play with the new IPhone, it worked brilliantly.

I have provided links to both Microsoft and Google’s web sites so that you can try this out for yourselves.

The uses for an evolved version of this technology in the enterprise space will be varied. It will not be long before the technician that comes to repair your washing machine uses his mobile phone to find a local supplier who has the part needed in stock, orders the part, then uses his phone to navigate to the supplier to collect it.

Or using your mobile phone you can look on a map to find out exactly where your technician is and his ETA at your home.

My verdict is “One of the most useful mobile applications to date, with many potential uses in the medium term future of enterprise mobility innovation”

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